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Family Sized Holiday Order Form

Order must be placed by Friday, November 22. There will be no Thanksgiving Day pick up. All items will be packaged ready for re-heat.

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Cornbread Dressing (serves appx 20) $18.00

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Total $ Amount

Smoked Turkey (18-20 lbs. precooked weight (15-18) $45.00

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Total $ Amount

Turkey Gravy

Pint $4.00 Quantity
Pint Total $ Amount
Quart $7.00 Quantity
Quart Total $ Amount
Gallon $15.00 Quantity
Gallon Total $ Amount

Boston Butt (average weight 4-5 lbs.) $40.00

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Total $ Amount

Deviled Eggs (1 dozen) $8.00

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Gallon of Side Items (serves appx 25-30)

Green Beans $25.00 Quantity
Green Beans Total $ Amount
Mashed Potatoes $25.00 Quantity
Mashed Potatoes Total $ Amount
Cole Slaw $25.00 Quantity
Cole Slaw Total $ Amount
Fried Corn $25.00 Quantity
Fried Corn Total $ Amount
Baked Beans $25.00 Quantity
Baked Beans Total $ Amount
Potato Salad $25.00 Quantity
Potato Salad Total $ Amount
Macaroni & Cheese $25.00 Quantity
Macaroni & Cheese Total $ Amount
Sweet Potato Casserole $25.00 Quantity
Sweet Potato Casserole Total $ Amount


Sweet Potato Pie $15.00 Quantity
Sweet Potato Pie Total $ Amount
Pumpkin Pie $15.00 Quantity
Pumpkin Pie Total $ Amount
Pecan Pie $18.00 Quantity
Pecan Pie Total $ Amount
Banana Pudding- Small $25.00 Quantity
Banana Pudding- Small Total $ Amount
Banana Pudding- Large $45.00 Quantity
Banana Pudding- Large Total $ Amount
Whole Cake $35.00 Quantity
Whole Cake Total $ Amount